Monday, 12 November 2012

Renewed Passion

I'm well aware I've been neglecting this blog of late. To be honest, I've just been too busy working on getting things ready for the release of my feature, LIFE JUST IS, which hits cinemas and DVD/download in the UK and Ireland this December. Alongside the film, I'm also putting out two books, one containing both the first and final drafts of the script, and the other containing an edited version of my director's journal, along with a few other pieces, including an essay I wrote on transcendence and film. Both of these have ended up being slightly more work than I had anticipated, so my workload has been pretty full on.

However,I have still found time to review Masters of Cinema's new release of The Passion of Joan of Arc for Silent London.

As I hope the review and the forthcoming books prove, I haven't given up on on critical writing, and I hope to pick this blog up again once time permits.

For those interested in purchasing the books (or the new Joan of Arc release, for that matter), please visit the LIFE JUST IS Webstore, where you will find a whole load of goodies that I recommend for purchase through Amazon.