Saturday, 16 July 2011

Quote for the Week

'Today's almost hysterical, show-you-everything, keep-the-camera-moving, handheld, cutting-every-second style deprives the viewer of our trust in them' - Todd Haynes, quoted in All That the Miniseries Allows by Isable Stevens in Sight & Sound August 2011.

Student Film Festival London / Dominic Allan Interview

Alongside working on the postproduction of Life Just Is and shooting a music video for the Ginger Wildheart Mutation project, I have also recently started working as a programmer at Student Film Festival London. Last week, as part of my work there, I did an interview with Dominic Allan, director of Calvet (which I reviewed here). The interview, conducted over Skype, has become my first podcast. You can download it from the SFFL blog, here, or listen to it on MUBI, here.