Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Since September

LONDON SYMPHONY production still.
As anyone who's visited this blog more than once will know, it's not uncommon for there sometimes to be several months between entries. The reasons for this are many, but primarily it's to do with a busy schedule and the difficulty of setting aside time to write entries, as well as – perhaps – a shift in my priorities. But still, as we head towards the New Year (and my annual Top Films of the Year post, which will be posted in the next few days), I thought it might be worth briefly outlining what it is I've been busy doing since my last post, especially given that that post centred on the crowdfunding for my new film LONDON SYMPHONY.
Well, the good news (for those that don't already know) is that LONDON SYMPHONY made its target, and is now in production. The plan for the film has always been to have some back and forth between the writing, shooting, editing and scoring of the film, so it's been an intense few months since the campaign ended – but we are now on our way, and both shooting and editing have begun. For more regular updates on our progress, please consider joining The Community we've put together for the film. You can also find more info about the film by visiting our website, and especially our press page
As if the new film wasn't enough to keep me busy, I've also started working for the production company Fabelizer, as their 'Master of Quills' (aka Vice President, Creative Group, aka head of their script department). Here's a little more about the company:  
Fabelizer creates magical cinematic experiences for young children. Our guiding vision is to create a global community of children bound by strong morals and values through cinematic content. By creating heroes that embody values like friendship, generosity and courage, the Fabelizer brand will be synonymous with safe, non-violent, non-stereotypical and unadulterated content for children. Fabelizer is committed to creating impact for children across the world, by giving them quality content to learn from and be entertained by. We believe that social impact is not only about poverty but about exclusion from society. For too long the needs of young children have been neglected in the media industry. Fabelizer aims to resolve this issue by creating quality content dedicated to children in a consolidated and scalable manner.
You can find out even more by visiting their website. I've had a fun few months working for the company, and I'm looking forward to continuing in my role there. I'll do another post about the company, and some of the films I've been working on with them, when these films near completion.