Sunday, 12 October 2008

Quote for the Week

As it happens, the most powerful and pertinent quote from what I've been reading this week comes from Andrew Sarris' 1966 review of Carl Th. Dreyer's Gertrud ('The academicians are right, of course. Dreyer simply isn't cinema. Cinema is Dreyer', quoted in The Village Voice Film Guide, ed. Dennis Lim, page 121), but I'm aware that nominating that as my Quote for the Week would equate to too many Dreyer-centric posts in too short a space of time (if there can ever be such a thing!). And so, instead, I decided upon something I noted down a long while back, from the opening monologue of Douglas Coupland's JPod:

'You're always hearing about "following your dream," but what if your dream is boring? What if you had a dream to sell roadside corn – if you went and sold it would that mean you were living your dream? Would people perceive you as a failure anyway? And how long would you be happy doing it? Probably not long, but by then it's too late to start something else. You're fucked'.

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