Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Quote for the Week

Having at last completed my Dreyer 'season', it felt like there was only one possible way to follow up my last post: with the final words of My Only Great Passion:

'In early 1968, Dreyer fell and broke his hip. The recovery seemed to go well until, unexpectedly, he was stricken with pneumonia. On the morning of March 20th 1968, Carl Th. Dreyer died.
A few days later, Denmark's most celebrated motion picture director – and one of its most important artists in any medium – was buried in Frederiksberg Cemetery, in a simple ceremony attended by his family and many from the film industry who had known and worked with him. His small head stone simply says

Carl Theodor Dreyer 1889-1968

For a man of his stature, nothing more is needed'.

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