Monday, 1 April 2013

Films This Week

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Just one this week…!
Went to see Spring Breakers this evening. It's a neon drug-fuelled haze of a movie. In some respects, it achieves a perfect synthesis of form and content (the highest form of filmmaking), but in this case it means that the film often seems as obnoxious, unpleasant and leering as its characters (there's little in the way of critique of them or their actions – perhaps the most telling sign is the reference to watching Scarface on repeat, as if Tony Montana was someone to look up to). It also means that watching the film sometimes feels like being the only sober person at a piss-up (=boring), though there were just enough interesting directorial flourishes to keep my attention (and the crime spree in the middle is one of the best uses of slow motion I can remember). The use of editing and structure kind of reminded me of The Limey (always a good thing), though the endless repetition got a little grating. The sound design was superb. Very effective. If the film had gone somewhere I think I might have really responded to it but, as it was, it all just felt a little pointless and gratuitous.

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