Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Light, Colour and Texture in Tuscany

While on holiday this year, I decided that, as well as making the phantom rides I posted recently, I'd have a go at a photography project dedicated to the light, colour and textures that I saw while in Tuscany. The results are below. (All photos were taken on a Canon Ixus 115 HS).



James Reynolds said...

I love the views of Italy! I'm planning my own vacation there in a few months and I've been looking into things to do while over there. I am a huge history fan, so I would love to visit all of the areas of historical significance, as well as experience the culture of the country. I've also heard about amazing villas for rent in Tuscany, I would love to stay in one, but they are probably very expensive. What was your favorite thing about your vacation? do you have any suggestions for things to do for me?

Alex Barrett said...

Hey. Thanks! I think it depends what area of Tuscany you're in. Florence is a must, in my opinion – though when I was there a lot of it was being restored. Pisa is very nice too, and the Piccolomini Library in Siena is a highlight. There's just so much, really! Staying in a villa is a beautiful way to do it (we stayed near San Gimignano this year, also a lovely place, steeped in history). Feel free to drop me a line once you know where you're staying, and I'll try and give you a few more recommendations.